May 19, 2016

Recycle Sorter

Recycling is becoming more and more important in our daily lives but the general population is getting increasingly busier and recycling seems like more of a chore. In light of this, the ARISE Robotics team has created an intelligent garbage can that can sort different types of recyclables such as plastic, aluminum cans, and paper cups. Our product will make an impact on the environment because it will help recycling start at a much earlier stage (in the building), instead of having to be sorted among all the garbage at the recycling plant. This will reduce the chance of recyclables that end up in the garbage as only 52% of all recyclables actually enter the plant due to improper sorting.


Currently our device can distinguish between paper, aluminum cans and plastic bottles using machine vision. Our revolutionary garbage can will then look at the object inserted and compare it with an image database of other recyclable containers. It will then intelligently determine whether the object is recyclable and uses motorized arms to place it in the correct bin.

An IoT device that will help the environment by sorting recycles within a garbage can. Currently the product can accurately organize three different recyclables: paper cups, aluminium cans, and plastic water bottles.
The overall mechanics of the device runs on servos to organize the recyclable to its respected section. For that to occur, the item is distinguished through openCV, by determining if it matches the pre-programmed object.
The recycle sorter has participated in Design Day at the University of Ottawa and Science Odyssey Makes Challenge at Canada Aviation and Space Museum.