August 7, 2010

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ARISE is a student group from the University of Ottawa involved in autonomous robot design and development projects and competitions, founded to foster interest in robotics and autonomous vehicles. We offer a unique and independent context to apply your resourceful and creative skills beyond the regular educational curriculum.

We encourage students from ALL faculties to join. There is always something to do!

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Our 2012-2013 executive committee is formed by the following people:

  • President: Chris Falconi
  • Vice-Presdient: Jon Gilchrist
  • Treasurer: vacant

Our past executive of 2011-2012 was:

Our past executive of 2010-2011 was:

Our past executive of 2009-2010 was:

Get hands on experience

The ARISE AUV and UAV teams work on complex challenges which go above and beyond our classroom learning. Whether it’s designing a pneumatic launch system for our unmanned airplane or machine vision for our autonomous underwater vehicle ARISE gives you the opportunity to push your skills above and beyond.

Build the coolest 4th year project

The ARISE teams have taken on some of the most advanced engineering schools in the world at competition. This is no easy task, we are out-manned and out-funded but with a 4th year project you have the opportunity to push one of our teams to a new level. If you think your team can make one of our projects soar (literally for the UAV, figuratively for the AUV) let us know what your thinking at

Previous 4th year project teams have worked on:

  • Sonar Digital Signal Processing
  • FPGA Helicopter Fuzzy Autonomous Control Systems Implementation and Interfacing
  • Helicopter Autonomous Control Systems Fuzzy Logic Design
  • Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Control Systems and Navigation

Join the team already!

ARISE is open to new members from any faculty. The AUV and UAV are generally active year round (with the exception of exam season). For information on how you can get involved please email or stop by the ARISE lab at SITE 3041.